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With YoWhatsapp (Yo WhatsApp) 2022 you can personalise all your conversations, set a unique background for each friend and change the font size. In Addition, you can get a large number of emoticons, send full-size pictures and videos, and even send more than 700 pictures at once. And finally, this app lets you hide your contacts' records.

Basic features of YO WhatsApp APK

Yo WhatsApp's user interface is divided into tabs and options that you can navigate through by swiping your device's screen to the right or left or from the top of the application. When you click on the app you will be presented with three options; Chat, Status and Call, while tapping on the bottom right corner of the screen will bring up a list of contacts.

Let us first explore the three basic application sections.

  • Chat: Whenever you open the app you will be taken to the 'Chat' tab which acts as the main app screen. Here you can find all past conversations and you can tap on it to quickly access any contact's chat. In addition, you can send any message at any time, whether audio or video, and turn off the option to delete a contact's message.
  • Statuses - Whether you would like to update the world with a new venture or just share some things with your friends and family without sending images yourself, you can use yo WhatsApp's status option. This option enables you to upload daily news, photos and video messages as statuses and have them show up in your entire contact list for the next 24 hours; however, you can manage your status privacy settings to limit your connection to status updates. In addition to this, you can check the status of your contact list 24 hours a day.
  • Call: The latest version of Yo WhatsApp has amazing features that not only allow you to chat and check the status of your contact list, but also to use it to make voice and video calls. This section will provide you with information about the people you have called in the past and the option to contact them again directly without having to return to the chat section.
  • List of euphemisms: Here are some of the things you can find in the menu section of the latest version of the yo whatsapp APK.
  • Search option: This tool enables you to search for contacts, chats, audio and documents from the conversations on the home page. This option is available for all three application sections; Chat, Status, and Calls.
  • Airplane mode: With the YO WhatsApp APK, you can use the Airplane mode option to block calls and messages on your phone.
  • Search option: You can find contacts, documents, images and voice notes by clicking on the magnifying glass or search option. This option appears in all three application sections.
  • Three dots : This option is available on all three pages, it's just that the three dots show up differently on different pages. In the Chat section, you can access these options.

In the Status section you can adjust your status privacy and in the Calls section you can delete your call history through these three dots.


YO WhatsApp APK Download the unique features of the latest version of the app

The latest version of YO WhatsApp APK has been updated with very many features, if you are interested then you can continue to browse this blog, below will be a brief explanation of the new features you can experience after downloading the latest version of YO WhatsApp APK!


This is a big issue today, especially when it comes to social media applications. Many people are worried about their privacy, which is partly what inspired Yousef Al-Basha to develop many of the privacy features in YoWA. People can feel safe by using it.

  • Who can call me: As the name suggests, you can block calls from people you don't want to contact. You need to go to the person you don't want to contact and turn this option on, and the call will automatically end when the person you block calls you. Just be aware of the problems in an emergency. The person on the other end may be in desperate need. Use it to totally annoy I guess people.
  • Freeze last scene: With this feature you can use YO WhatsApp apk uninterrupted because others don't see what you last saw.
  • Show blue tick mark after reply: Unlike messages where you see a blue tick mark without even replying, this feature only shows that tick mark after you have replied. This is handy for busy people who can't play again right away.
  • Anti-delete messages: In the original WhatsApp, when someone deleted a communication from a conversation, you would no longer be able to read it. With YoWA, you can still read messages that have been deleted by the personality on the other end. No one will be able to hide it from you later!
  • Anti-deletion status: It also allows you to see the status of stories and videos from friends who have deleted such content. This way, you won't miss seeing what's going on.
  • Hide visible status: With this flag enabled, people on the other end of the spectrum will not be able to see your title in your status view list. In short, you are invisible. You will see his position, but he will not see you.


For those who crave aesthetics and are tired of the seriousness of WhatsApp, Yova's customisation feature will be a satisfying one. Here are the details.

  • YO Store: This is your go-to shop when you're bored and you want your interface to look different. The theme shop has a great selection of free themes for you to choose from, so you can pick the one you like and apply it to your YO WhatsApp.
  • Customise the home and conversation screens: You can change the home and conversation screens with complete freedom; however, you need to do so. You have full control over the various components of the screen, so go ahead and change the appearance of tabs, text, backgrounds and the content you own.

Home screen mode

Want to change the look of WhatsApp? You can choose to read below.

  • Contact the online notifier: you'll be alerted when your contacts are online.
  • Change the text size: If you feel the font above the home screen is too large or too small, you can choose to change it to a size that suits you.
  • Hide chat dividers: No more chat partners! This feature eliminates these chat dividers and makes your chat screen Outlook unique.

Universal Mode

There are absolutely no limits to what you can do with YoWA. This is the long list of benefits of YoWA.

  • Change the desktop icon of YoWA: Yes, you can also change the icon that YoWA displays on your desktop, so you can easily hide it from anyone. There is no need for any third-party icon applications, as the Yo WhatsApp App has everything.
  • App language: YoWA has a very large number of languages for you to choose from.
  • Close the conversation screen (just swipe your finger to the left): just swipe left on the screen to end the conversation. It's very convenient.
  • Conversation cards: When you chat with other people and tap the "Recent messages" button, a card is displayed for all chats. This feature works on Android 5.0 and higher.
  • Enable/disable the message counter from the launcher or home screen: the notification icons can be annoying, so this feature allows you to disable them. No movement!
  • Disable audio playback notifications in the status bar: an alert will appear if you want to play an audio or voice message, this is annoying but you can remove it by going to YoWA settings.


Conversation screen mode

You can also change the conversation screen, here's what you can do with it

  • Set a custom wallpaper for each contact: You can set an exclusive chat wallpaper for each contact that is unique to your relationship.
  • Hide date and time when copying messages: With this, the time and date of the message you copy will no longer be visible and you will only be left with the actual text you want to copy.
  • Hide contact avatar: If you don't want to see your contact's photo, you can turn this on and only your friend's name will be displayed.

This is all about YO WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version APP, if you are interested in YO WhatsApp APK Latest Version, then you can download YO WhatsApp to experience this interesting APP.